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  • Audemars Piguet

    Audemars Piguet Watches - Jules Audemars Lady Small Seconds Pink Gold

    Special Price: CAD$14,790.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$17,400.00

  • Chanel

    Chanel Watches - J12 Black Ceramic 33mm Quartz

    Special Price: CAD$4,195.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$5,250.00


    Hublot Watches - Classic Fusion 33mm King Gold

    Special Price: CAD$11,995.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$16,000.00

  • Chopard

    Chopard Watches - Your Hour

    Special Price: CAD$4,015.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$5,350.00

  • Chopard

    Chopard Watches - Two O Ten Lady

    Special Price: CAD$3,795.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$5,060.00

  • Chopard

    Chopard Watches - Happy Sport Square Classic

    Special Price: CAD$4,785.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$6,380.00

  • Patek Philippe

    Patek Philippe Watches - Complications Ladies Calatrava Moon Phase

    Special Price: CAD$51,507.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$53,100.00

  • Patek Philippe

    Patek Philippe Watches - Calatrava 31mm

    Special Price: CAD$36,630.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$40,700.00

  • Patek Philippe

    Patek Philippe Watches - Twenty-4 Medium Stainless Steel

    Special Price: CAD$11,695.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$13,000.00

  • Cartier

    Cartier Watches - Pasha Miss Pasha 27mm

    Special Price: CAD$29,795.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$35,900.00

  • Cartier

    Cartier Watches - Tank Americaine Small

    Special Price: CAD$34,360.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$41,400.00

  • Cartier

    Cartier Watches - Tank Francaise Large

    Special Price: CAD$6,890.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$8,300.00

  • Cartier

    Cartier Watches - Tankissime Small

    Special Price: CAD$12,035.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$14,500.00

  • Cartier

    Cartier Watches - Ballon Bleu Pink Gold

    Special Price: CAD$19,505.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$23,500.00

  • Rolex

    Rolex Watches - Yacht-Master Lady Steel and Gold

    Special Price: CAD$5,500.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$8,000.00

  • Rolex

    Rolex Watches - Datejust Lady - Gold President White Gold - Fluted Bezel - Oyster

    Special Price: CAD$23,370.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$28,500.00

  • Rolex

    Rolex Watches - Datejust Lady - Gold President White Gold - Dia Bezel - Oyster

    Special Price: CAD$31,120.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$37,950.00

  • Rolex

    Rolex Watches - Datejust Lady - Gold President Yellow Gold - Fluted Bezel - President

    Special Price: CAD$21,155.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$25,800.00

  • Chopard

    Ladies Mid-size Chopard With Custom Added Diamonds

    Special Price: CAD$8,500.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$12,500.00

  • Gucci

    GUCCI Women's YA068508 6800 Silver Dial Watch

    Special Price: CAD$1,650.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$2,772.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 6800L Series Watch YA068534 (SS / White / White Leather Strap)

    Special Price: CAD$650.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$1,003.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Ladies G-Rectangle Diamond Watch YA100508 (SS-Dia / MOP / Leather)

    Special Price: CAD$2,500.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$4,200.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 110 Series Watch YA110501 (SS / White / SS)

    Special Price: CAD$599.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$935.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 7900 Series Diamond Watch V4100 (SS-Dia / Blk Dial / Black Leather)

    Special Price: CAD$3,500.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$5,915.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 600J Series Watch RG60160 (SS / White / SS)

    Special Price: CAD$999.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$1,585.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 104 Series Watch YA104501 (SS/Blk/Tan Leather Strap)

    Special Price: CAD$599.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$1,110.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 600L Series Watch GW1140 (SS / Blk Dial / SS Bracelet)

    Special Price: CAD$799.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$1,585.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 4600 Series Diamond Watch YA046505 (SS-Dia / White / SS)

    Special Price: CAD$1,750.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$2,910.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 7900L. 1 Series Watch 27930 (SS / Black / Black Leather)

    Special Price: CAD$549.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$1,095.00

  • Chanel

    Chanel Watches - J12 White Ceramic 38mm Automatic


    Special Price: CAD$4,480.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$5,600.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Ladies 3900L Series Diamond Watch YA039511 (SS-Dia / MOP / Leather)


    Special Price: CAD$1,299.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$2,600.00

  • Gucci

    Gucci Women's 2300L Series Watch V1GUC0082 (SS / White / Black / Leather Strap)


    Special Price: CAD$399.00

     -  Regular Price: CAD$775.00

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