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At FIFTH & we take security very seriously and we know you do too. At every step of the way, we ensure your personal information is never being transmitted or unencypted. FifthAnd.com is protected by a constantly evolving state of the art Internet security system that disguises all transmissions with a 2048-bit SSL encryption minimum, and once the information is on our servers, a 2048-bit AES encryption.

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Personal information may also be disclosed at your request, in instances where you need to be contacted or identified, to defend your rights as well as the those of FifthAnd.com or as the law stipulates.

The majority of our communication with you will be through our website (posted notices) or electronically (e-mail). By visiting our website you are consenting to receive and exchange communications with us, and agree that all electronic communications provided by us to you, be they in the form of notices, disclosures, agreements or the like, satisfy all legal requirements that stipulate these communications be in writing.

As you peruse our site, our web server (like all others) collects openly accessible information provided by your web browser or ISP address. This information is non-personal and collected through cookies, web logs and other web-monitoring technologies, then stored on our system to be accessed later. The data gathered is used to ease your e-commerce experience, and facilitate the use of handy features like the shopping cart, recently viewed items, and items you may be interested in. Other information collected is used to help improve our site navigation, customer service, product listings and for demographic purposes. These practices are all common-place throughout the entire World Wide Web, but if you feel uncomfortable with the disclosure of this information, simply change your browser settings to something you find acceptable.

Gone are the days when thieves wore raccoon masks and carried sacks for loot. Today's criminals are much more inconspicuous, and as purveyors of luxury goods, we've tango-ed with our fair share. We'll just say this, if you're think about online fraud, don't. When we receive a fraudulent order, we contact and cooperate with Local and Federal authorities immediately. We've got to protect ourselves, and our valued clients.